P4 2.4GHz
80GB 7.2K RPM HDD (8MB Cache)
80GB 7.2K RPM HDD (8MB Cache)
8 IPs
RH 9.0 + cpanel/WHM
500 Gigs Transfer
24/7 Monitoring
Free Reboot
MailScanner Installed
Fantastico Installed

Monthly Cost $245.00 per month.
Setup cost on this server is only $0.00.

The server is semi-managed, that is to say that we will give it a monthly check over (MSA) to ensure that it is running optimally and will be able to reboot etc. on request. If you require additional tech support then we charge the following significantly reduced rates:

$100.00 - Managed (MSA + 2 hours Monthly Support)

$150.00 - Fully Managed (MSA + Unlimited Hours Support)

If you would rather pay for technical support per hour, this can be arranged at a cost of $75 per hour. On both the hourly and the Managed service, work is confirmed with you before it is carried out.

This is a great deal if you would like to move onto your own dedicated server, with only your own customers on there to worry about. You can also create your own reseller accounts to sell as an additional product line.

This server can be available within 24 hours of receiving an order and will be sold on a first come first serve basis a true offer not to be missed.