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    experience as new customer of servermatrix

    Here is an experience report as a new customer of servermatrix. to make it simple I copied the email I sent Jeff Reinis, Sales Manager at Servermatrix. I also heard that 75% of the tech support staff was hired in the last 2 weeks - no wonder they do not get it and totally miss details. The way it looks this company might not survive and we might rather look for another hosting company that provides quality at a decent price.

    Hello Jeff,
    Thank you so much for calling me back today. Let me explain a little bit what
    happened over the last 3 days.
    We decided to move our servers from EV1 to Servermatrix and wanted to start out
    with one machine. We ordered it and had a problem with an address mismatch with
    the credit card. So we called in and had Beth enter the order manually. We
    waited until it was ready and I checked out the machine. The only two special
    things we had asked for in the order form (hostname and mounting
    specifications) were not done. One was the hostname we had entered through Beth
    and the other was to have the /tmp partition mounted as noexec, nosuid. So we
    called last night (03/24) and spoke with a very nice lady in Sales who promised
    to rectify the problem. She had a new machine set up and these two problems
    were fixed. But when I checked the machine today I find out that it does not
    has two SATA drives as it was explained to us by Pre-Sales before we ordered
    but two IDE drives with less performance.
    So I left the server as it is and did not continue to change anything or
    configure and gave you a call. On top we got already 4 ipalert problem reports
    in the first day!
    So needless to say that my confidence is Servermatrix is not very good right
    now. How can so many things go wrong before the server is even really live? If
    your tech people cannot even handle these simple tasks how will they ever
    handle more complex situations?

    I hope you get this straightened out as soon as possible!

    best regards,

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    also heard that 75% of the tech support staff was hired in the last 2 weeks
    Wow, they must be having now 100 persons tech support. That's most impressive.
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    I do not know how you get the number 100 but honestly the number of people never matters - it is the quality of their work!
    You can have tech dept. with thousands of people and still there is nothing good coming out of it. And then there are very efficient, knowledgable small dept. and they just rock and are proactive!

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    I wish you get fast through all setup issues and have happy 100-day uptime afterwards! :-)
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    ServerMatrix's support is declining...but their sales are increasing !!!

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    I ordered a box from ServerMatrix a couple of weeks ago and have a somewhat different experience:

    1. It took nearly a day and a half to set up, but Jeff said to expect around 32-36 hours when he called to confirm my order, so fair enough I guess.

    2. The box was set up with the custom partitioning I asked for -- no problem there.

    3. My inspection of the machine revealed they'd provided me with a 2.4GHz Celeron instead of the 1.7GHz one I ordered (and am being billed for). Woo.

    4. My first support ticket was a request to set up reverse IPs at SM/ThePlanet for my nameserver, and it was taken care of within a couple of hours. My next support ticket was to set up the server monitoring etc. on their "silver" plan and it took 3 or 4 days. I didn't care enough about it to follow up with a phone call, I suppose if it were something that actually mattered to me I'd have been annoyed.

    5. For the most part everything appears to work with the machine I ordered, including the custom stuff I set up. The first exception is urchin (they installed urchin 5.1 with the server), which doesn't seem to want to cooperate very well with cPanel. I've manually straightened most of it out, but it's still not usable for me. I haven't submitted a ticket, I'll figure out what's wrong with it myself this weekend when opportunity permits. The second exception is Horde email, which simply results in a PHP include error. I don't care about Horde and don't use any webmail so I haven't bothered to look into it yet. Aside from those two issues, I have no obvious configuration problems with the box.

    6. I've noticed that I intermittently get really high ping times to the server (300-400ms, and on one occasion around 900ms). These episodes have been fairly brief to date and I haven't followed up yet. If they recur I'll see what SM has to say about it.

    Anyway I've only had my box for a couple of weeks but I'm happy with it so far... at any rate, my experience has been pretty much what I expected from reading people's experiences here at WHT. We'll see how things go as time goes on.


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