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    Hey, I'm fairly new to all of the technical jargon behind web hosting. I have an account on and I need help in putting a flash file on my site. I've searched all over the internet for information on this, but to no avail....

    I use Netscape Composer to design my pages, and then I upload those HTML files onto my Angelfire Webshell, along with any images needed for the page. The Flash program that I use is called SWiSHmax, and it automatically puts the code for the .swf file into a blank HTML document. I've tried uploading that HTML file along with the .swf file onto my site, but it doesn't work.

    So my question is this: Is there any change I can manually make to the HTML code that is automatically put into a blank page by SWiSHmax that will target the .swf file in my Webshell? I figure that if I don't make any changes, it's probably still targeting the file located on my computer.... Any help would be appreciated.


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    Upload the .swf file as a binary (search help files in your ftp client if you don't know how to set this mode) just like any image files. Upload the html file as ascii (usually the default setting). Make sure the .swf file and html file uploaded to the same directory.

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    Ok thanks, I got it to work.

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