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    Any one at

    I have tried their live support in different time, repled fast and nice. They look professional.

    Does any one current at Any reviews? Appreciated.

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    You can use search tool for see their reviews if any

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    I did

    I did search so that I am interested in it. But it seems no one talked about it recently. The reason may be they don't have good plan for resellers but vps. Is that right?

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    do they have daily bandwith limitations and limitations size of files and number of files?

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    i'm with onsmart. since jan or feb, if i remember correctly. no problems here, i rather like them. i don't recall any slowdowns or downtime (but then again, i'm not on my website a lot myself). don't really know what the support is like since i've had no need to contact them. i found mixed reviews when simply searching "onsmart" on the web. some say they're great, others say they suck.

    i guess it's really up to you. i can attest to them, i've had no problems since i started there.
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    I am with onsmart since 8 month.

    I need to say the support, response (and I needed them a lot) was just total outstanding. Great..

    unfortunately only shared hosting .. the support would have kept me with them, scared not finding a dedicted/managed hosting with this level of support.

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