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    Thumbs up <-- Great site fast buy --> For Sale!

    Hey guys,

    I purchased this site a little while ago. And after redesign and some good revenue, I decided I'm just sick of seeing it and would like to do new things. which takes in offers for site submissions and even advanced SEO solutions.

    without any advertising I made aprox. $500+

    I simply don't have the time to market the site with the PPC advertising reserch listed below)

    (I have a 4 page list of effective keywords for findwhat PPC - compiled by our very own giantdomains (who owned the site once upon a time))
    - these returned a lot of traffic and made great sales for him.

    I also have an opt in customer list.

    Included in this package is the domain name the website (complete design - effectively using CCS for excellent SEO, and the Flash file),
    a licensed version addweb website promoter (used for the site submissions), an effective PPC keyword list (it's actually really good ), customer opt in list.
    the site is easily integrated with paypal and has a support option any other payment system can also be integrated - paysystems etc. I'll also help with the transition.

    Also since I took it over I started Search Engine optimization packages.

    I recently bought a $100 ebook on the subject, it is truly amazing (over 300 pages) and taught me a lot about SEO. I can include that as well

    mainly because of lost interest I am selling the site and need to focus on my other sites.

    Buy it now is $900 for a quick sale including everything (domain, design - flash included, addweb software - with full license, SEO ebook, effective findwhat keywords, and customer list)

    payment by paypal

    questions: [email protected]

    looking for cash

    but would be interested in trades for generic .coms

    : Normally I would be selling this site for 2500 - 3000
    but I have other thinsg to attend to so my loss can be your gain

    Good luck everyone.


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    Bump - had some interest

    might be pulling it soon, probably end up giving in and promote it

    any more takers?

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