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    Name servers problem

    Can I use the same IP for my own NS1, NS2 and my reseller NS1, NS2 too ? I mean, does I must give 2 static IP for my reseller account to enable his own NS1, NS2 or I can put them on the same IP I'm using for my Name server too ? His NS was seem to working well but he got this error msg:

    Here is something else that I have discovered.
    I had to register a domain for a friend yesterday.

    I went to and registered the domain.
    Then when I added ns1.oz*********** & ns2.oz*********** to the dns for the domain it returned an error.
    I then put ns1.dns-*********** & ns2.dns-*********** in and that worked fine.

    Is this an issue with the nameservers not resolving correctly?
    I can ping ns1.ozy*********** & ns2.ozy*********** from here fine.

    It's strange because when I ping and I typped his address in a browser, it worked very well. What is the problem ? Please, help !

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    Please post the actual domain names.

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    My own Name Servers are, and his Name Servers are, I can access very well through http to and I can ping it but when the reseller is trying to use it for his clients, he gets an error. Thank.

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    Your reseller needs to log in to's domain management site and register and there.

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