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    New website needed (hosting)

    We are looking at a new web hosting design for our company

    Budget: $500
    Pages: about 10 to 15
    Flash: Yes, minor in heading area
    Image Maintenance: Yes, after work is completed, we will need you to follow-up on image changes, banners, etc...
    Preview Required: Yes, we would like to see a preview of what you have in mind, this will assist us faster in selecting a designer

    Now, heres the hard part. Telling you what we want.

    (*) New Logo and company name (I mean stay with Web Hosting Network...), regarding company name, not looking for some simple arial font, Want some effort put into it as well, along with new logo....
    (*) We are looking for a well laid out but not to overdone website
    (*) After site is completed, we will likely manage most of it ourselves using FrontPage (hey...its easy)
    (*) site should also include PSD which is presided
    (*) A review of your portfolio showing work of past designs (preferable hosting sites)
    (*) We been offering hosting since 1997, and have thousands of customers, both the longiviatly and amount of customers should play a role in the website, along with hosting starting at $3.95 a month etc...toll free 24x7 support, 99.9% uptime,
    (*) Regarding Flash, we want minor flash, such in the logo or something, nothing major
    (*) Must be fast loading (thats why we dont want much flash in it)

    You can contact us by replying to this thread or emailing gary @

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    Hi, Pixabit is very interested!!
    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    I would also be interested Please PM me if you would like to further discuss it

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    If you are interested, feel free to contact me at gary @

    Before it gets out of hand to "pm me" best to email me

    Please be sure to read though the post completely, I have already gone though the offers and didnt find any templates that caught my eye, thats why I'm posting a Job request.

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    I posted on Yaxay, too. I am very interested. Please contact me.

    PM or email ([email protected])

    (I am sorry, my email server is down at the moment. This is why I am asking you to contact me.)

    HQ Max

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    Hey AlaskanWolf, we would be very interested in working with you.. Please contact me if you still need the site done.. Thanks

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    Gazal, heres a repost if your interested in the job:

    If you are interested, feel free to contact us at gary @

    Please include the required details as asked in the orginal post and followup post.

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    I am interested.

    My portfolio is here:

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    Hi. Our site is . We can design a very high quality hosting website for you, including logo, full graphics, flash header, unique front and subpage graphics, 10-20 html pages with text implementation for $500USD . This includes multiple concepts and unlimited revisions.

    Our timeline for this project os 21-28 business days. Please view our work above and also some our our new work below and if interested contact me at [email protected] . Take care.

    Best Regards,
    Anthony Jewell
    The Team
    [email protected]

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    Thanks for the links, we are not looking for a ceonex type design, these types of website designs are rampit on sites like and imo, dont look professional for a hosting company

    If your interested, feel free to contact us by email with a preview of the design you have in mind.

    The request has been changed to a simple 3 page template, rather then 10+ pages

    Main Page
    Hosting Page
    Template Page

    When emailing us, please include the following

    (*) Preview of Design
    (*) Portfolio of Past Work

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