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    site search engine

    I'm wondering, if I'm running my own server, is there some sort of search engine that I can run myself that's part of my site? Complete with a spider and all? Some open source search engine software?

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    also, I don't necessarily mean just one little server as I know that wouldn't handle this type of thing.

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    Easiest way

    Is to just use google. Google will let you put up a toolbar and search only your site if you want.

    Then you don't need any special software!

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    exactly, thats what does. you don't even need the toolbar really you could write a simple search that replaces the user's string with a variable, then send the query to google.

    example query to google: $userssearch

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    actually I was talking about a legit search engine..... google style.. not just for my site

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    Well, the Google search engine you can place on your site is not just FOR your site, but for the rest of the web too. Check out this site as an example of its implementation:

    And you're not going to be able to set up a better search engine on your own than Google has. Of course if you just want to set up a cool search engine on your own site that is specific to your files, I have found that this program:

    works well.
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    I would also recommend either htdig, or the google search engine.

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