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Thread: MS SQL -> mySQL

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    MS SQL -> mySQL

    Does anyone know any good tool to convert MS SQL D/B to mySQL D/B?

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    I am not sure about this, but you probably could use DTS in SQL Server to interface with the mySQL DB, assuming that the mySQL ODBC drivers were installed on the computer you're running Enterprise Manager on, and also assuming you have remote access to both mySQL and MS SQL.
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    You could use a product like DataJunction. It runs on a PC and uses ODBC to do it's work.

    I haven't used them in a while (since they got purchased by Pervasive).

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    I'd use DTS on the MS SQL Box and the MySQL ODBC drivers.

    I'm assuming that you're only intersted in data and you don't have SP's, Triggers, Views etc.. in the MS SQL database.

    You'll probably have to re-apply users & permissions to the newly created tables.

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