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    Arrow Dual PIII/1GHz Server Only $469!

    I am looking to tell a server of mine that I no longer have any use for.


    MSI 694d Pro version 1 Dual Socket 370 motherboard
    Dual Pentium III 1.0 Ghz w/ 256KB On-Die L2 Cache - 133 Mhz FSB
    1024 Meg PC-133 SDRAM
    Mid-size case, dented (The case was damaged while shipping through UPS).

    Other information: Motherboard specs

    The system has no hard drive.

    Price value is based only on CPU, RAM, and motherboard combined prices.


    $469.00 to buy
    Shipping will be based on a deal reached. Buyer gets the option of having the entire system shipped or all parts minus the case.
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