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    * .NET + SQL Shared hosting

    Hi all,

    WHT is great and I hope some experienced web developers can refer a hosting plan for us.

    What we are looking for?

    1) ASP .NET
    2) SQL ~ 200MB space.

    <100$ per year.

    Can somebody suggest me a good and reliable hosting company? I was with Savinghosting, they are great and we need to pay 40$ per month for SQL.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you guys.


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    you mean mysql or sql server? if it's mssql, then i don't know who could offer 200mb mssql at that price.

    Anyway, take a look at, you'll find some

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    Hmm. What is the industry price for such a request. 200MB SQL space and some very little disk space.

    Not positive but I think MySQL has some problems accessing from .NET ADO.

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    It'll be hard for you to find MS SQL at that price.

    And mySQL works with .NET without any problems.
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    Agreed, that price is way too low for SQL - I think you'll need to double it at least to find anything half decent.
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    And mySQL works with .NET without any problems.
    No problems when using ByteFX.mySQLconnection (free), If you have your application use IConnection interface then switching from MS-SQL to MySQL shouldn't be too much of a problem. Dont bother using the MyODBC mysql drivers.

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    Too low. I've been seeing $100/100mb sql at reputable hosting cos.

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    Re: .NET + SQL Shared hosting

    Originally posted by mginc

    1) ASP .NET
    2) SQL ~ 200MB space.

    <100$ per year.

    I don't think you can get that price but don't know may be your luck...
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    Try searching the Offers section and you can also try WHT's new Host Quote tool located here.

    I believe you are a little low in your prices, but good luck w/ your search!

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    Thanks guys for replying.

    Can you tell me a decent price for 200MB SQL space? 150$,200$,250$ ???.


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