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    reseller affiliation scheme?

    Does anyone know of a company (preferabley a UK one) which doesnt require you to pay upfront. Instead they set a bass price for the hosting... say 7.99 p/m and then you charge extra on top of that to make a profit?

    I allreay know one, www (dot) resellerspanel (dot) com but i dont think there too good, so any suggestion?

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    I personally love it when you put the word scheme after something. Like this: I'm off to put gas into the car scheme.

    Doesn't it sound dangerous? Like you are living on the edge?

    I can't imagine this being something hard to find. Many hosting providers offer afflilate programs. Maybe I don't understand what you are asking, but I can't imagine this being something difficult to sign up for.

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    ts not just a linking affilation im affter.

    The one im currently with offers you a custom template, and even scripts to place on your own website so it all takes place on your website, but they get hosted on their servers, not just a link to the products they offer...

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    If I am reading this correctly, then the Reseller Direct Billing Program at may work for you.

    I should note that they are based in Toronto and not the UK but I have linked you to their UK website.

    Of course, I may be reading what you want incorreclty so...

    Good luck

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    Yeh thats exactly what i wanted.

    Thanks alot

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