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    2Checkout abort new interface!

    I have spoken to a couple of 2Checkout customers who have just signed up for new accounts and to their surprise they found that 2Checkout have STILL not launched their so called 'new interface' for sellers!

    Rumour has it that they are in a complete mess with it and it is unlikely to launch till the end of this year so you can all forget about multicurrency billing etc.

    Perhaps someone from 2Checkout could tell us the TRUTH about this ongoing saga.

    It is becoming painfully obvious the 2Checkout could do with some big help in the PR Dept.


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    2Checkout to increase rates

    It now appears that 2Checkout did launch their new interface in mid March but it was promptly withdrawn due to bad software/bugs etc that is why no new signups are seeing it!

    Can these guys get anything right!!!

    Even worse is the news that all existing 2Checkout sellers will have to sign up for new accounts in the next few weeks and they will have to accept a new TOS and this will mean a RATE INCREASE for many longstanding customers!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is of course if they get around to fixing it!


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    Holy scaremongering Batman!!

    We explained on a number of occasions that during the month of March we'd be using the new interface with new sign-ups only. When we see a kink, or a bug, we switch 'new sign-ups' to the old interface. That doesn't move those accounts that are on the new interface.

    Once all the bugs are worked out, we will begin the migration for our current Vendor accounts. This is penciled to start mid-late April, and will take 6-8 weeks to convert all accounts. Vendors will be notified in advance as to the date of their account move.

    Current Vendors will not sign up for new accounts. There is no increase in the fee structure except in cases of excessive chargebacks.

    Wire fees are reduced. Wires can be paid in dozens of supported currencies, further reducing the costs that Vendors currently bear when their bank does currency conversions.

    There absolutely will be a new TOS and a new Vendors agreement to be signed by all Vendors. These agreements include the new, international privacy policy, chargeback fee explanations, wire fee guides etc.

    You spread unfounded rumors that have not been posted anywhere else....and claim 2CO needs a PR department? As a 'businessman' one would think you'd use better judgment and contact 2CO before posting crap like you have here.

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