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Thread: remote php?

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    remote php?

    Does anyone know if you can use PHP on Ebay for it's auctions?

    If you can't host the php script on Ebay, does anyone know how to get around this? remote php engine access???

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    You can't upload your PHP scripts to eBay. eBay is not a hosting company
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    I know that they are not an hosting company, but they do handle HTML and I was wondering if they handle any server side languages such as PHP.

    If they don't (which i think is the case) Is there a way to remotely have a php script ran then sent back to Ebay to be displayed in HTML.

    Maybe put a frame in the auction that points to a php page else where or something?

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    I think i can do with it flash. Has anyone doen this with flash and php?


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    I haven't done too much with ebay, but if you can use an iframe (, it should be easy.

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    You can't use frames or iFrames on eBay, and they discourage anything such as what is being discussed because it's too easy to do a "bait and switch"......Have one thing displayed while the listing is running and then switch it out after the auction closes.

    Flash will work on eBay, though I'm none too familiar with its use myself so I wouldn't be able to comment on how it could be used in conjunction with PHP.

    About the only other thing that will work on their site (and who the heck knows why they haven't blocked this?) is the object tag, but it's inconsistent in its operation between browsers and even versions of the same browser.
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