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    Question Free Email

    Does anybody offer free email on their site? I'm having trouble changing the MX entry for the free email to work. When I called their support they suggested I get a .net domain name to go with my .com. Any suggestions? Thanks.....

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    Could you expand a little more onto what software you're using, what the error is, and what MX entry you need to change?

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    Thanks. Yes I am trying to change the MX record to look like: IN MX 10

    I have done this through cpanel but it comes up

    BigMailBox who has great customer service by the way, suggested that I get another domain for the free email. I was trying to put it on the domain that is also the server domain.

    I can send email through the program, but it does not receive..

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    I'm not at all familiar with cpanel, but you could try - IN MX 10
    (watch for the extra '.')

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    Yes, you need a period at the end of any hostname in BIND, unless you want BIND to automatically append the current $ORIGIN to it. IP addresses should not have periods at the end of them.

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    Gee do I feel like a doofus!!!
    I was missing the period!!

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