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    Filtering imap mail on-server (cpanel server)

    Ok, sorry if this question is stupid, im a imap noobie.

    Is there any way to filter mail to imap folders right on server so i already download them filtered?

    I subscribe to about 15 mailing lists and im tired of having my email scattered among 2 computers (home/work) and i like the feel of a regular email client more than webmail interfaces.

    Im using cpanel and my mail uses: exim + spamassassin + mailscanner + ClamAV. (dont know if in that order.)
    Distribution is RedHat 9.0

    So to what program exactly do i add the filters? (i have root access).

    Also, is imap heavier resources wize than pop3?



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    Procmail is normally used for this purpose, using a .procmailrc configuration file in the users home directory

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