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    Question Is this statement accurate?

    Hello...I'm thinking of using a website for some real estate listings, I was wondering if the statement below is impressive for traffic to this site. I don't know much about Alexa. This is a popular website but want to make sure it's worthwhile to advertise in it. Thanks!

    Here is their statement:

    The Alexa Traffic Rank for is 4,655 - This means we are number 4,655 in the entire world. The Alexa crawl archive <> <>represents the largest crawl collection in the world, spanning more than five years and filling over 200 Terabytes of online storage. Alexa's crawl is updated every two months and contains 2.5 Billion unique URLs and 2 Billion unique html pages. This places in the top 1% of all websites.

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    Originally posted by amish_geek

    They are ranked 4,530 does that answer your question?
    Well my question is pretty dumb ...basically is that a good ranking? It appears it is a very popular site with a lot of traffic.

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    That isn't awful traffic. Think of it as 1/4 <- PCShopper is so easy to navigate your grandmother could do it. Some of the best computer deals on the net are contained there.

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