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    Arrow Hello, new to this and would like some advice.

    Im looking for some cheap dedicated servers. Specifically something i could run a few game servers on and maybe some web hosting. I have seen some stuff as cheap as 100 bucks.. Im just looking for the best deal/price for the east coast. You guys really seem to know your stuff, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Okay, so after a little more searching i found a thread about hosts on here... I found a really good one id like but im not sure if the bandwidth is enough... how much does a CS server use per month say full 10/24 5/7? This would help greatly..thanks.

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    What is CS server?
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    Sorry, counter strike. A half life mod. its a game.

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    CS = Counter Strike


    Whats your experience level with Unix systems? I fear perhaps you are doing this out of impulse and have not sat down to think everything thru...


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    I know some, not much. But i am willing to learn. I have a friend who is going to help me and i know nurmerous people who well help me that are more than formiliar with Unix. The first month well probably be just learning im sure, but itll be fun.

    Itll be for running some servers basically. For our own personal fun, i wont be making a business of this. Im not smart enough and much too busy with school to handle that right now.

    So! hows 1,000gb transfer sound? good? no?

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    There are lots of game providers out there that you can rent by the hour, or subscribe and get so many hours of game play a month. Its almost certain that the game play will be much more enjoyable as well, as they use faster servers with quality bandwidth (not quantity bandwidth).

    All I can say is "make sure you know exactly what your getting into" and "you get what you pay for".


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    Can you give me links to these?

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    Originally posted by Construded
    Can you give me links to these?
    I believe trader is referring to sites such as

    If you want a good gaming server, location and ping times are your first priority. Find a provider located in your area of the world/country, and then look at what bandwidth providers they're peered with: you won't want Cogent for gaming. Other than that, as long as you're pinging well, search for the company name here on WHT and make sure there aren't too many negative posts.

    Good luck!

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    I already own a server... Its 50 bux a month. Im looking to get a server box to run my own servers in since my host runs a few servers per box...I know servers arent too expensive and for 100-120 bux i can run 3-5 servers rather then pay 150 for 3 of em. Catch my drift?

    This is what im looking to do.

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    A single CS server can use anywhere between 50gb-500gb of bandwidth per month if it is a busy server and depending on how your settings for the server are configured, and which mod(s) you might be running. I would say average for a fairly busy server that is played in regularly is around 100-150gb per month. I'm sure there are a few other game hosts on here would could shed some light on exact player counts etc, i'm just recounting form my previous experience running gameservers. Bandwidth never really became an issue for me on any of the servers I ever set up.
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