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    Question WHM/Cpanel Install guide


    I got a fresh install of Redhat 8, I hit the "Install everything" button so I have all the packages installed.

    I'm not worried about security, i'll sort that out later.

    I just want to get WHM installed, I am getting a liscence off them soon, but i'm unsure how to install it.

    My server is:
    Redhat 8
    32GB Hard drive, 7200RPM
    2xPentium II 350mhz
    256MB of RAM
    ATI Rage 128 card

    Anyway.... I have a dedicated broadband connection of 1mbps both ways, I have plenty of experience with webhosting accounts, and a bit of experience with apache 2, httpd.conf etc.

    If anyone knows any good guide sites, etc...please post them here


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    (for a quick (any supported os) install just run the follow commands as root: cd /home;mkdir cpins;cd cpins;wget;sh latest )

    and the installer will setup everything for you.
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    o_0 nice, thought there had to be some catch :x

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