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    My apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn't find anything though searching.

    This may be a difficult question to answer, but I appreciate any help you have to offer:

    The emarketing firm I work with is interested in hosting their own clients. We have a lot of low-bandwith sites (less than 2 or 3 GB per month each). None have any processor-intensive apps running on them. We have about 10 clients who are willing to host with us initially, but that number may rise to around 50 sites within a year.

    What kind of machine do you think could accommodate this many sites (processor,memory,etc)? Or would you recommend multiple machines. If so, how many and with what type of configuration?

    Again, your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Well to answer your question (simply) a p3 or celeron around 2.0-2.4 ghz with 512mb ram and an 80gb (7200rpm) hd running linux and apache would run these 50 sites fine, however to increase to 100-200 sites I would reccomend a dual zeon with 1gb ram and SCSI 10 or 15k rpm hd (which could run processor intensive scripting fine) with (obviously) linux.

    I assume you'll be running a server from a datacenter, correct? Your machine won't be your main concern; For your bandwidth will.
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    I've been reading through the forums all day trying to find a suitable company. ServerMatrix looks okay, but they keep mentioning virtual reseller in their packages. Each of our clients require static IPs... this shouldn't be a problem should it?

    Thanks again.

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    Servers come with ip addresses (you can choose how many)
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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    If you need that many IPs ServerMatrix isn't going to be cheap.

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    About a dollar an IP it says at ServerMatrix... sounds about right to me, no?

    Who would you suggest instead?

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