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    Question What is Backup / FTP Hosting?

    Hi all.

    I have seen on a couple of sites that they offer Backup /FTP Hosting.

    What does this mean as it is much cheaper than normal plans and can you use them for normal hosting?

    Cheers - Dav
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    It just a hosting plan that (most likely) only offers ftp acces and is used for storing backups of whatever you like. usually backups of other hosting sites in which you administer.
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    It can be cheaper if you ask the host if they'll do a barebone account for you.

    I'll personally be interested in one with a backup solution already installed such as rsync

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    A backup of mission critical data on a different location is very important nowadays. But you could also download the data to your workstation at work or at home to generate the offsite backup (considering the actual webserver as primary).
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    It is useful for backup only... Almost all web hosting provider have a backup service already in place... but a remote backup hosting is good because if something damages their systems or maybe datacenter physically (earthquake etc) then you have your backup at remote place..
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    FTP hosting is just where your allowed to upload / download your files to and from your hosting account. Also many hosts do server backups daily. Plus most accounts that come with CPanel allow the user to download a complete back up of everything that was in their hosting account.

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    Given that so many hosts come and go these days, I would definately recommend keeping an offsite backup. An FTP backup hosting account can be very useful for people living in countries where data is expensive (ie Australia), where performing nightly backups to a home PC is not an option. I suppose a backup account could be cheaper than a standard account as the host doesn't have to provide support.

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