Hi there,

I am interested in bringing a group of freelance scripters together in order to make an online roleplay game. Yes its free so might have some of you turning away now Anyways, I would require people willing to work by the side of a good friend of mine, he has roughly 4 years knowledge of such scripting however would need more help in our bid to make a game reality. The game will be based around a Mafia theme and the rest can be explained to any of you who would be interested to hear furthermore about the idea. Of course im only a teenager myself however I could try foot some costs to those who take the time out of their busy lives to contribute.

My aim first and foremost would to bring a group of people together under one room in order to thrash out the ideas and determine whether or not they are viable.

If you wouls be interested then great! I can be contacted almost anytime at MSN: [email protected] (Email too<) and ICQ: 87335017, I look forward to hearing from anyone interested.