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    cgi proxy any one?

    im looking for a reseller company willing to host nph cgi proxy.

    i want to have SSL, Dedicated IP.

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    Actually i think most will let you host one, i've not seen many that disallow it in their T.O.S

    I know that ev1servers as a DC allows them as i remember reading a thread with somebody asking for help with them, so perhaps look for a host that's at EV1, then unless they have their own reasons for not allowing it, you'll probally be ok.

    And 90% of hosts offering reseller packages will give you at least one dedicated IP, you'll usually need to buy your own SSL certificate though.

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    i tried using a cgi script proxy with dedcated ip.

    id didnt use my dedicated ip , instead it uses the ip address of the server.

    im a as a reseller only, is it possible to use cgi proxy that uses its dedicated ip as the ip address used when using it?

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