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    Free WHM Management Sofware

    Do you know of any free ones... PHP Coin wont isntall right and the whm manager wont work right either.

    Does any one have a moderbill licences i can use?

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    Modernbill licenses? You'll have to cough up money for that, my friend

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    lol damn, this suxs, i cant find any

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    PHP Coin wont isntall right
    Mabye if you post the problem you're having somebody can help you, i'm sure there's many people here that have installed phpcoin and have it running, they also have a support forum as far as i remember.

    Nobody will give you a modernbill license, do you not charge for your hosting packages? have a look at something like whoiscart it's only $30-40

    ps, your site returns a 500 error, not sure if you're aware of that.

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    ya i no, just moved to a new server, still comnfigquring

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    Hmmm- two programs out of two win't install....maybe the server needs some work before trying any others
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    What is wrong with phpcoin? I had 0 issues installing...
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    Re: Free WHM Management Sofware

    Originally posted by Hughra

    Does any one have a moderbill licences i can use?
    Heh, you'll be paying one lump sum or a $24.95 a month fee for ModernBill.
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    I would suggest asking for help with your server and installing one of those apps. first.

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