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    Registerfly had me down for 3 weeks


    Been searching around trying to find a replacement host for registerfly who seem to think a server should employ the same properties as a yo-yo - our site ( was down for 3 weeks and now it's up and down almost daily. I need to find a host that will support asp php & be fast and more importantly reliable! (I believe thats to do with uptime & bandwitdth?)

    I been looking around and the best one I've found so far seems to be & I guess the main problem is not many good servers seem to do asp & php & I need both... Also, do people think I will need a dedicated server? - I was planning to spend more like 10/12 a month (obviously shared)...

    I also don't need much disk space (about 50Mb) and only a couple of e-mails.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

    ..I hope I posted this in the right bit...



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    It may need moving to the requests forum... but a search online will find you plenty of hosts who could offer this for you. I would do a search and then pick a list of maybe 5 that look suitable and either ask for reviews on them or just browse peoples experiences with the particular hosts you are looking at.
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    Thank-you for you response! I would delete this thread and retype when I've found some more reliable servers that do asp & php, but I don't thinnk I can - I have been searching! like I said I think crystal tech is the only one I've found decent enough for what I need, but I'll keep looking - apologies for posting in the wrong area & thanks again!!

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    ASP only runs on windows well, php runs better on linuix, Its going to be hard to find a host that support them both..why not just convert the asp into php...
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    I would love to do that, but there'd be an awful lot of code to convert & the person who wrote it for me was doing me a favour... I guess I will go with crystaltech, they seem to have reasonably good reviews. Thank-you.

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    i knew these domain registration portals dont have any idea about hosting -
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    their core competency: Domain Registration.

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    Registerfly are pretty good for domains.

    If you are looking for a new host try

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    Trying using the request form

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    Originally posted by gghosting
    Doesn't registerfly charge like $20 for domain names or something?
    maybe .ws

    .com is around 10$ -
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    .com is $9.99
    .net is $9.99
    .org is $9.99

    i used to have 1 domain with them.

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    RegisterFly isnt a domain reseller or webhost i would recommend. Their hosting is know to be pretty bad, and their domain services are controvertial.

    they even have a site about why their company is bad (Unified Names owns registerfly et al.)
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    After reading i regret ever using them for one of my .uk domains. I only used them because namecheap dont have .uk domains for registration, all my other domains are at namecheap.

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    For domains they are excellent. I would never use a domain registrar for webhosting
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