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    Personal DNS servers

    Hi guys, just a quickie...a client of mine has just bought himself a dedicated server and has asked me question I can't answer fully.

    He wants to use his own named name servers, ie,, instead of the one given to him by the hosting company, he doesn't like the way the name server looks (he's a bit choosey at times). He's also happy to use a redirection service so long as all web traffic goes to his web server.

    Ok, so, this is how he wants to run it:

    1. He has his own account with a domain name reseller where he can alter the dns servers. He either wants to add his own "name server" which redirects to his web server IP or use someone else name server to redirect.

    2. He wants to keep e-mail away from where his dedi server is located so basiclly he wants all web traffic to go one way and e-mail to go another, effectively splittin the MX records away from the IP redirection for the web traffic. He mentioned his registar offers a web mail service so expects to use that while the web traffic is routed to another server.

    Any suggestions?

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    He bought a dedicated server, does it comes with control panel, like Cpanel, Plesk, etc.

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    you can offer him to buy 1 domain at and he can create his own DNS here ...... anyway if his dedicated server comes with CP like CPanel. Plesk,Helm,Enxim....... then i think he can make it easy by create 2 subdomain like whatever he want and point it to IPs dedicated server . that's easy

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    Thats right all CPs allows creation of DNS servers. So you can name it anyway you want it.

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    if you don't have it use Webmin, self explanative, search on ev1 forums for How-to's for that.

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