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    How much should I pay for a custom cpanel skin?

    I have never got a custom cPanel skin but I want to get one now for my company.
    How much should I be looking at for a good quality, professional skin?
    I know people on WHT have got skins done for their control panel so was hopig someone here could help me out since I dont have any idea how much they cost...

    Also, any recommendations on how to go with for the job?

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    It depends really, if you want very flashy graphics then it's basically a whole site design which would also need integrating with CPanel - that would probably cost quite a bit.

    On the other hand, if you already have the site design and just need it integrating into CPanel then it shouldn't be too hard, and therefore I would've thought it would cost ~100-200
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    You don't say if you're comfortable with altering any custom skin yourself, or what you're really looking for: a full design, work done by someone else; or a basic design with the appropriate use of the CPanel tags that you can then customise to your heart's content.

    It all depends on what you're looking for.

    If you're just looking for a basic skin with the appropriate use of the CPanel tags, and you can customise it yourself, you can find a nice simple design with a goodly deal of CPanel functionality for as low as USD$50. If you're looking for the full design...that's a different story. You'll need not only a good designer, but someone who's familiar with CPanel tags. I don't know how much that would be.
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    with graphics design.. money= quality

    you get what you pay for, some trickster may off you a low bid, but just wait until you see the results!

  5. Mabblemedia is right.
    I saw some bidders at bidding for a Cpanel skin development project. Either most or all of them have never even edited a Cpanel Skin. The average bid was about $500 which is a little too low for a decent custom skin with custom icons and such.
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    Think of it this way.. a cPanel skin interface is no different than a website (besides the functionality), so when you want to know how much it should cost you should look towards complete website design packages.

    Guesstimating you should be looking at +/- $300USD depending on the uniqueness.

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