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    Question unethical domain reseller...

    hi friends,

    can u help me get even with an unethical domain reseller.
    I registered a domain name with a guy 2 weeks back.
    He told me that he will give me user id /password to control
    panel. but did not send me . he is trying to fool .. and says i
    have already send you emails which he has not.
    Then he told me the user id password over phone which
    were wrong.

    When i did whois check i found he has put his own details .

    After repeated telephone calls he asks about the hosting info and he says he will point the domain .

    what should i tell him ... so that ownership of domain is with
    After a year, he will charger over the market price to renew
    the domain name .. otherwise i have to wait for a month for
    getting it released what should i do .. how can i renew the
    domain name from another company . I dont want my site to
    off for a month.....



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    I suggest you call again and ask him to stay on the phone while you type in the username and password. Once you have control then transfer it away if you have that option. If he is a domain reseller then contact the company who he uses to register domains and I am sure they will be able to help also.
    -- Matthew

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    unless you can prove your ownership with statements and agreements that this reseller signed, the registrar route could prove difficult.

    try initiating a transfer from another registrar and ask that this guy authorize it.

    Please list the registrar/domain here for people to look into. We can all be wary of such resellers in the future with your warning.
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    This would be my biggest complaint with some of the API software. The domain gets put in the reseller's account and not the customers! RR and PDQ give control to the "rightful" owner so that is one thing eNom did right.

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    You need to prove that you paid him for the domains. Did you fill out some type of order form? If so you need to bring that, along w/ proof of payment, to court and the judge should force him to release the domain to you. Or at the very least get your money back. But you need those two elements to prove your case.
    - Chris
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    thanks for ur suggestions.
    I have found that registrar is directi .
    reseller info i will post if i dont get justice....


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    The first step is to gain the username and login.
    Next, immediately change the ownership/profile information to your own, including the email address information.
    Make sure that you DO NOT have it on registrar lock.
    Initiate transfer to another registrar or set up another account independent of the reseller you purchased through.

    Good Luck.

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