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    these guys are top notch!

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    I would agree. I have recently moved over to them and am extremely happy that I did. They had me up in hours and answered my stupid questions in a very timely manner.

    When I started out, I did the foolish thing and chose one of the budget priced providers. (I had no reason being a server admin, but thought w/ the money saved it would be worth my time to learn. ) The reason this was foolish was I was spending a lot of time learning and performing admin functions instead of making money... (I'm not a reseller, all the sites hosted are my own). I did become fairly comfortable with cPanel and basic administration and really had no problems.

    I was then moved (host changed data centers, then sold out) to what I believed was a semi managed provider, (This "high speed" company is accused of heavy spamming on here often), and paid a little more but actually recieved less. In two months, there were at least 8 occasions where my server was down for 2+ hours at a time - one of these 4+ and another 12+!. Nothing funny in the logs and allegedly nothing was ever done - yet the server miracously was up moments after I recieved notification that my trouble ticket was recieved

    I've finally done the smart thing and let someone else handle the server administration... letting me concentrate on the task of making money. And since moving to M3, I have

    If you are looking for a managed box you owe it to yourself to at least check them out.

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    hey jimmer...

    i added you to my icq list 97181399.

    PLEASE msg me man. thanks!
    AIM: manofslo
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 287014494
    EMAIL: [email protected]

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