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    I've heard of this compagny ... the prices are looking good ... but it's wierd how they could be this low anybody could tell me a bit of this compagny if they got a good impression for you ... i'm not sure if it could be the best choice with this one

    *real hosting newbee*

    thx for your help

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    Okay, that's different. Looks like it'll cost about $8-10 bucks a month. They really need to get someone to proofread their site, if they're going to have a site in English. I noticed that they have all non US prices, yet they've got our great neighbor up north, so that doesn't make sense.

    I would give them a thumbs down, though I do like the points system. Might have to implement that on the cheap hosting server I'm considering launching... hehe
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    380 good is your french? It appears that they are a Lyon, France based company. Not a Canadian company at all even though they use a .ca domain.

    Only parts of their website have been translated to english so it makes one wonder if a client is only english speaking, is their support staff fluent enough in english to be able to interpete a complex helpdesk request or phone call? Send them a email. Ask them good questions and some detailed questions. See what their turnaround on response is and how clear their response is.

    Personally I would not choose this company for myself. But that is just myself. I prefer a company on the same continent as I am residing on if at all possible.
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