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    What does this domain name worth? I think it could be brandable in various markets.

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    the web
    doesn't seem to mean anything which is why you describe it as "brandable" I guess. Can't see any value unfortunately.

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    I tried to purchase domain names that could be used in all segments of the market. In this case, it could be used for starting a candy store, grocery market, and etc...

    I have similar names like these sold for several thousand. But it takes a while to sell.

    I have few more that I'll put on here for people to see. If anyone like them, they could make me offers...

    Otherwise, they could check out my domain name/Web services business at (w|w|w.mindsconnect|.net).

    *Remove the "|" to access the Website. Thanks again for the appraisal. More to come...

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    I see no present market value as well. Good luck finding an End-User, because I don't think it would sell very well wholesale, but if you've had success in the past, go for it!

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    Who knows, maybe some company will buy it for 10k...

    Next up, A dictionary word, 5 letters. It has a bit of type-in traffic. Would like some people's opinion on this domain name.

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