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Thread: Web Templates?

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    Web Templates?

    I've been looking for a decent to good service to purchase a well done template at a reasonable price. had some bad reviews, so I went to take a look for myself. What I found out is that 90-100% of all their templates are on other template sites as well going for less or more, depending on where you go.

    I for one would like to avoid trouble at all coasts, so I'm needing to be pointed in the right direction for some good templates.


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    What type of site are you using the template on?

    There are more.. just do a google search for "website templates".

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    As long as your budget is reasonable, post in the requests (or mabye employment) forum, there's many talented designers around here, and some of them often have a few pre-made templates lying around, yes you'll pay a little more than somewhere like TM or Boxed Art (though i've seen some quite decent templates here go for $80 - $100) but at least you wont see the same design on about 4 million other websites

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    Make sure you don't pick one that hundreds of other people use, like Loon said.

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    Gottcha, thanks!


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    I think you can get about 1000 from ebay for like $5. But then again, they are mostly duplicated all over the web..
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    Hey shado, I do custom designs and also web templates..

    I just finished a template yesterday.. My templates are unique, I only sell them to one person.. You wont find mine on a billion other sites..

    the site can be found at:

    If you or anyone else is interested please contact me:
    via Email: [email protected]
    via AIM: jcksht13

    So we can work out a resonable price.

    Jason B

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    Originally posted by digiwind
    I think you can get about 1000 from ebay for like $5. But then again, they are mostly duplicated all over the web..
    Most, if not all of those are usually stolen.

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    Template monster is really cracking down on those Ebay sales.

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    There are some very reasonably prices templates, ones that are not the jazziest around, but are very EASY to edit found here:

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    265 is good.
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