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    * Does anyone know a good dedicated server

    We are in a search for moving from a shared hostin environment to a dedicated environment.

    What we need is:

    - Windows 2003 Standard Edition dedicated server
    - At least 60GB disk
    - At least 700GB per month bandwidth
    - Celeron 1.8 or Pentium 4 x
    - At least 512 MB ram
    - A control panel such as Helm, HSphere, Plesk etc. that will enable us to open unlimited number of domains on the server
    - We also want to be able to provide our customers control panel therefore we need unlimited customer control panels
    - Terminal service connection to the server

    - We also need to following features to be free with each account:
    - Custom error pages
    - Frontpage extensions
    - MySQL database
    - Mail server that provides POP3/SMTP and WebMail service for every account we have.
    - Our own DNS and our own name servers
    - We also want to be able to provide our resellers their own name servers but it will point to our name server's IP addresses
    - Free server reboot
    - Good technical support if we need help while installing various software

    The above server must be below $150 per month.
    No setup fee hosting provider will be preferred.

    If you know a good hosting company that can satisfy the conditions above, please email it to [email protected]

    We may also lease a Linux server from the same company with less powerful hardware options.


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    Why windows? None of the features you listed needs it, And linux / freebsd would be cheaper, as well as cPanel.

    Just my 0.02.

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    I wonder if 700GB bandwidth could be bought for $150
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    I think that requirements are quite unusual. For W 2003 server...

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