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    Now Hiring for Online Level 2 Support Represenative

    Digital Technology Inc. is now hiring for a online Level 2 Support Represenative. Level 2 is defined with the following requirements:

    1. Must have Unix/Linux Experience
    2. Must have basic server software experience, including basic troubleshooting of: Sendmail/Qmail, DNS, Apache, Etc..
    3. Must be available on call during extended normal business hours.
    4. Must utilize ICQ and AOL IM technologys.
    5. Must have a detail oriented, customer service oriented service attitude.

    Please send your resume and wage requirements to carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
    Charles Baker - Company Operations

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    Is this a remote position.. Its unclarified
    Mike@ - Hosting Services

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    I would like to know that too

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    who got the job?

    I didnt even get an offer.. LOL
    Mike@ - Hosting Services

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