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    * Resellers And More At Low Prices !!!

    4000 MB Web Space
    60000 MB Transfer
    Unlimited Pop3's
    Unlimited Data Bases
    $75 Yearly (Limited Time)

    Resellers Deal
    6000 MB Web Space
    80000 MB Transfer
    Over Selling Allowed
    $150.00 Yearly (Limited Time Offer)

    Resellers Pro
    20000 MB Web Space
    200000 MB Transfer
    Over Selling Allowed
    $375.00 Yearly (Limited Time Offer)

    Also offer monthly rates.

    Go to for instant set up and join our many happy clients.

    Or email at [email protected] if you need a special set up.

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    No offense but how do we know you are even going to be around for a year? Your domain hasn't been registered for a year yet.

    Also can you PM me your monthly rates?

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    Can you please post the monthly price as well? That 20/200 account looks very attractive ^.^

    You may want to remove that XHTML 1.0 compliant link at the bottom of your website (

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    post server conf too

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