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    * Free hosting for hits...


    I'm here in need of hosting for two Invision Board forums which I need full control over(ie. mods etc...)

    In return, i'll place ads on my forum which caters to about 60 users and growing.

    Cpanel is NOT needed so just basic access to my forum files(images etc..) would be fine.

    Like I said, i will have banner spots and text links to your hosting site. The majority of the users are adults so the demographics are in your favor.

    I need the following specs:

    harddrive of 2.5 gb space - I'm literally not even going to use half of that though...

    About 10 gigs of bandwidth / month. - Not using nearly that much. WAY lower but good to have. I'm an efficient guy so I try trimming down my forums every so often to keep the harddrive and bandwidth usage WAY low.

    Some kind of contract so I don't get some abrupt end to my usage. Last guy I was with had a family crisis and HAD to shut down so I was out of luck. I'm an understanding guy so I didn't bother him with my files i backed up on his servers either. He didn't give me a heads up either. I'm not sure for how long I need a contract but something solid that gives me a piece of mind.

    Thats it. I don't need some huge amount of space or bandwidth so most people should be able to deal with that. My content is NOT adult related(XXX) so no worries. No Warez, illegal stuff, or pirating.

    I just need to have the ability to mod my forums(skins, icons and other small things.)

    Thank you for your time and please, take my situation as a college student into consideration. I don't have lots of money due in part to high tuition costs which i'm paying for all by myself.

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    what i am wondering, why do you need so much space just for a few invision boards
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    Well two forums with 60+ members tend to make pretty big mysql gzip files. Not nearly that big but like I said, it's good to know I have it.

    Fine 1.5gb. Just as long as everything fits fine, I have no problem with 20 megs, for what it's worth.


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    Question what kind of forums

    are these?

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    One is a pocketbike, goped, general discussion and anything automated and the other I have not decided. Nothing illegal, xxx, or bad.

    I just need to start one more. The second won't be started for some time though.

    Please tell me you want to adopt me.

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    Post what is the url?

    what is the url of site?

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    Well it's down now. Remember, I had it on my old host and he went out of business.

    I have the gzipp files and such but i'm not home at the moment and i'd have to look for them.


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    when you have something

    shoot me a pm, when you have access to the content...I would consider it, but need to see content prior to finalizing any offer.

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    Send me a PM with more info

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    PMs sent.

    thank you

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