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    checking accounts

    Hey, does anyone here got a good way to automatically check accounts for illegal material? I know they're out there, I'd just like reviews and such first.

    Note: Some of ya'll might say "Use the Search Function" or something, but I don't really got time to check 247 something pages for my answer.


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    You can search your server for certain extensions such as .mp3, .exe, .rar, .zip etc and see if you find anything suspicious.

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    All we do is see which sites are using the most bandwidth and then see the files using the most bandwidth, they're often illegal. It's almost impossible to find all illegal files as there actually are legal MP3's, videos, compressed files, etc.
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    Yes, keep an eye on bandwidth. Illegal material and pornography are the two main culprits that eat through bandwidth. If you don't host pornography, then it should be easy to spot. Also, run some cron scripts to search for certain file extensions.

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