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    Question Help me understand this....

    I have been very happy with my current host,, but I have outgrown their soluntions. In the last week I have shuffled between 6 different hosts trying to find a suitable one.

    The problem I am running into is that many hosts do not allow users to have access to their log files directly on the server. They will let me download them locally to my system, but I cannot access them for analysis on the server. My stiplutaion is that I need to be able to use AWSTATS to analyze my sites and not being able to access the log files prohibits me from using this script/program.

    Someone please explain to the reservation about allowing access.

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    Go with a Cpanel host. Awstats are provided via the control panel.

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    I know they are available via cPanel, but that does not help me. Reason being that , I use a unique config (.conf) file while every host I have tried thus far uses the standard .conf file.

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    just a note: AWStats doesn't come with CPanel guaranteed some hosts think it uses to higher levels of server resources so don't allow it!

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    Very good point by Net...

    Since most Cpanel hosts have an optional 3-4 Stats programs, most likely not all are installed, which leaves AwStats hanging in the balance of 'Yay or Nay'.
    - Tim

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    So the issue is one of server resources?

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