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    * DNS server behind router

    Hi all. I am setting up my linux dns server behind the ADSL modem router. I had a static ip address. and the dns server is behind the router with ip
    the setting up looks like this
    dns server(linux, --- ADSL modem router (, LAN --- internet
    I have forward all the traffic from to However I only can see dns runing locally not from outside.
    Anyone knows any solutions?

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    Is this the right forum for this question?

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    Probably not the right forum. But the issue here is that the ADSL router is probably not allowing UDP packets on port 42 to pass both ways.

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    sorry about this confussion. I was trying to hosing my own webpage using the static ip by using the domain name that i had purchased, since my webserver is behind router so it can not be viewed by outside. I contacted the domain name company and they said that they need domain name server name. I think may be I have to set up my own domain name server before get my webpage up.

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    53 is port for dns. I have forward all incoming traffic from the modem from port 1...65345 to the lan server when i try the url as it can be viewed but not for the domain name. How do i check whether the traffic is ok on port 53 in linux. at least i know port 80 is ok.

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    any suggestions for the problem?

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    What kind of router are you using?
    Checkout for nice freeware programs. Including a program for monitoring your webserver.
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    I am sure your ISP would be most happy to help you!
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    most would wouldnt hert to ask

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