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  1. #1 out of business????? - who i have a reseller account with - would appear to have gone out of business...all sites have been missing for 48 hours and EV1 said they didn't have anyone by that name hosting there anymore...I know for a fact that thats where webhedz had their servers...

    Anyone know anything??? Does anyone have any useful contact details as they owe me about 150 :-(

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    the said domain is available if you'd like to purchase it

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    not according to my whois it isn' how could i purchase it?

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    49 and both say it is.

    i'll snatch it up real quick and sell it to ya for $1,000


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    lol er no thanks

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    If you can buy it now then that domain has been offline longer than 48 hours....

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    exactly....anyways I'm not interested in the domain just want to track them down and find out whats going on.

    website is offline
    telephone number not working


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    My question would be "why would you want that domain name anyway?"

    I doubt that the name is available if they have only been down 48 hours.

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