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    need help with bots...

    I'm trying to play a little prank on a friend of mine... he has a new poll on his site that asks people to vote if they like him or Barney (you know, big purple dinosaur) better. I want it so that tomorrow when he checks to see the results, there's, like, over a million votes for Barney.

    Does anybody know where I can get software that I can just leave running all nite that will automatically keep entering votes in on my friend's internet poll? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanx.

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    Give me a link, ill help you out

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    lol, that's mean

    It's probally very easy to do though, depending on the poll script, a link would be useful.

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    well, i think if you use javascript you can do it, give me a link to the poll and ill see if i can make a script real fast.

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