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    Template Blowout Three Templates $150!

    Well here it is three templates for $150 I am in a high need for cash right now as something came up so I have decided to sell these templates for really really cheap. I hope you guys like them and contact me via pm if interested in purchasing them.
    Here they are. I also included an advertising banner for the hosting template. I will also customize the templates to suit your needs. If you want I will do subpages for the hosting templates 5 dollars a piece.

    Remember Offers via PM only if you want you can post in this thread and I will message you whatever makes you happy.


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    Well I have found a person who would like to buy the hosting template without exclusive rights. I will sell it for $50 without exclusive rights. I will sell the other to for $40 together with exclusive rights. Send a PM if your interested.

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