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    Lightbulb Quick Request. Write a TOS.

    I am looking for someone to write me a Terms Of Service (TOS) that I can use on my web hosting site. You can use the one you are using and edit it a bit and let me use it. I will provide you a link to a small text file of rules I want included in the TOS (The rules I have typed out are probably in 99% of web hosting TOS). If you have a TOS you are using now and can just skim it real quick and make sure what I have is included, and change the name to my company and give me permission, that will work. This is a very quick job and I can only offer to pay 5 dollars for it. You can even include the other stuff in your TOS and I can edit that part out if you wish. If you are interested just PM me and ill PM you back with details. If no one is interested in doing this for a quick 5 dollars then thats fine.

    (If you do not have permission to use someone elses TOS, do not try to sell me it, thats lame)
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    I can do this, I will sell you the one I used when I ran a company

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    Heh, I guess my offer of $59.95 is out of the question then?

    Although, mine is professionally written and is legally proofread by a lawyer; henceforth, it is legal.

    To have the TOS proofread cost me $45, therefore I only make about $15 off of them. If you don't want it proofread, I can do it for $5. But I do not guarantee the legality of it. I will guarantee it meets your standards, but not legal standards.

    Contact me if interested.
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