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Thread: InterNAP?

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    I'm currently looking for some datacentres that use InterNAP bandwidth or people who have racks in their facilities.. could you please contact me @ mike @ if you od any of these.
    Mike Lafreniere
    mike [at] snagged [dot] net

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    2,760 sells servers on InterNAP bandwidth - They're located in the InterNAP datacenter in Atlanta right now, but they're moving to a new datacenter soon (but keeping InterNAP). offers InterNAP bandwidth in Seattle.


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    I have space in a small datacenter in Washington State which utilizes InterNAP bandwidth. I currently do not provide colo or dedicated servers but if you are interested you could contact them directly via means located on their website Satsop dot Com I have been with them for over a year now and I've nad no problems whatsoever. They have 24 hour on-site NOC staff, you can visit the NOC website at TechTell . If you have any questions please let me know.

    Hope you find a great place.

    Ryan Porter, Owner
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