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    Msn Messanger Keeps Signing Me In And Out

    Can anyone help me sort this out, i hate msn altogether but with all my best contacts using msn i need to.

    I have tried reinstalling it and still nothing happens, my msn keeps signing me in and out, its so fustrating. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this.

    Also im recieving some of my messages late to in a conversation.
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    Just earlier, I'm chatting with 2 other friends and altogether we got logged out. I think its probably msn pull off some plug. This happen before so I woudn't be too surprise. As "recieving some of my messages late to in a conversation", I don't have this prob.
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    You behind a router?
    Maybe there are some ports you need to open???

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    maybe your having internet problems or MSN is having traffic congestion issues .......maybe open some ports up if your behind a router as MSN used non-standard ports I believe

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    MSN uptime has been sub-par lately.

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    Originally posted by MStar
    MSN uptime has been sub-par lately.
    My Fiancee has been having the same problem, I had assumed it was her satelite link but now you mention it I think it is MSN that is at fault, not that I think satelite is any good mind you.

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    I've not had the problem but several of my contacts have.

    They tell me that restarting their computer helps

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