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    Anyone for sharing a Browser Cam account?

    Hey all you web gurus and the like. I want to sign up for a monthly account at Browser Cam DOT com but I don't like the price of $39.95/month.

    They have an annual account that looks pretty nice for sharing:

    We offer an annual account for $479.40. This comes with one free month of service (13 months for the price of 12). Annual accounts include up to ten (10) sub-users in the account.
    That works out to $36.88/month. If 10 people share, it's $3.69 each/month. 5 people = $7.38/month.

    I'd be willing to share with as little as two other people ($12.29).

    If you want to share, PM me. If you have questions or comments, post here.
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    Being HTML XHTML CSS Compliant is FREE
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    Quote Originally Posted by datums
    Being HTML XHTML CSS Compliant is FREE
    Testing across all major browsers across all major platforms isn't.

    And compliant or not, you've still gotta test test test!

    digory, the free account works well for one day. I just use that with a throwaway email account. Of course, I never said that.
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