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    Professional Designs for Applications, Websites and Logos

    Good evening all. design studio, for a long long time has simply been the home of 3 professional corporate web and application designers, we have in recent weeks, extended our services to everyone, we can work on any of the following projects.
    • Professional Website design
      Corporate Application interface design (Winamp 5, Sonique, WMP)
      Personal Application interface design (Winamp 5, Sonique, WMP)
      vBulletin Skins (v2.x, v3.x)
      Header/Footer design
      Logo's and banner design

    All designs are at competitive LOW costs, but still retaining an exceptional standard of quality.
    If you are interested in having our team create for you, please contact us via the following.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    - nao

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    Additionally, we are accepting work for other projects not listed above, namely :
    • Template customization
      Custom application Design (You program it, we'll skin it)
      Windows interface design
      Packaging concepts
      Icon designs

    As above if you are interested in any of the listed works, or even if you have something that is not listed, contact us and you will be met with a fast and friendly service.

    - nao

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    oops, forgot to add.

    One of our designers has a finnished template for sale via the site also.
    This sale is for exclusive ownership of a template with a really nice flash header/menu with iframe content.

    Buyer will receive 2 versions of the site, one as it is currently encluding all content, and a blank version ready for customizing, Both versions will come with the .FLA files for the menu and side section.

    Preview :

    The tree's are animated as they blow in the breese, with the occasional plane flying by, and on the right section, leaves fall from the tree behind the character (which can be removed if desired), content is based on a left jusitifed segment with a left sided scrollbar, the template also features a verticle scrolling marquee at the bottom which is fully customizable.

    Payment via paypal, if you are interested in purchasing this template, or have any questions, contact me via [email protected]

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