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    Exclamation Droping domains HIGH links

    Droping domains HIGH links

    Thousands of domains drop on a daily basis. Some (not all) of these domains have great potential but of course not all are obvious.

    There are many domains that have great traffic potential because they have a massive incoming links list, of course many of these are not obvious as they d not necessarily have a great name.

    That is where we come in, on a daily basis we compile a list of names that will be dropping and have a great potential off gTLDs .COM and .NET(using enom's club drop list).

    We check the following search engines for the amount of links these domains have :-

    HotBot Inktomi
    HotBot Fast
    Alexa Rank

    as you can see these are not obscure search engines and are completely reliable sources. Some of the domains have as much as 60,000 incoming links (of course we can not guarantee that there will be domains like this every day but there is always domains with alot).

    For those of you that do not currently have an enom reseller account (you will need 1 to benefit from this) we can provide you with a free $8.95 account on request.

    If you would like to have access to this list it will cost $5 for 1 list or $20 for a weeks worth (payments must be made via paypal too: [email protected]
    (please also pm me so we can verify who you are).

    Best Regards

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    Can I get a sample list with like 5 domains? Just to see how good you are?

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    Originally posted by philipb123
    Can I get a sample list with like 5 domains? Just to see how good you are?
    Here you go my friend: SAMPLE

    ooh the domains are from the 3-24 club drop list, and i did just use some from the list..


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