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    Experienced Coders READ THIS!

    Snagged Internet Services is once again expanding and looking for more staff!

    Currently we have one open position, (sorta). We are in search of a php/mysql (or any appropriate language) to code us a gaming interface for our gameservers (games below). Where the customer can change his map, gameserver settings and more (whatever is capable for that game) via a web interfaced panel.

    So to speak, we are looking to 'contract' a coder to complete this task and we are currently searching for quotes from people who are capable of this. Any person(s) interested are asked to email [email protected] with their name and contact information, along with a quote if possible, unless more information is needed (which usually is to generate a quote).

    There is no 'hard' deadline for this to be completed but we need it ASAP. Thank you for your time.

    Games include but not limited to:
    HL + mods
    Tribes 2
    Call of Duty
    Jedi Knight II
    Medal Of Honour / Spearhead EXP.
    Quake 3
    and more...
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    Mike Lafreniere
    mike [at] snagged [dot] net

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