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    New Net Game...Ideas please!

    Has anyone got any ideas for a new internet game. I see some websites have been rather succesful like KingsOfChaos, and NationStates.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I could make a game around. Design, aims and strategies. I would like this game not to be a 3D stunning CounterStrike clone, but an online simulation type game.

    Send me any ideas to [email protected] or post here!

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    I know! "Hosting Web Talk" its an online game where kids pretend to be hosts and people can talk about their pretend hosting jobs, and all that fun stuff!

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    i have a great idea. make a game called


    and the object of the game is to make as much money as possible hosting. you do this by creating dedicated servers, managing client complaints, stopping hackers and denial attacks, and marketing.

    i expect some royalties onces the money starts coming in from the game.

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    Nio comment to the first reply

    As for the 2nd, I dont want it to be something that only some people will be interested in. Not everyone is interested into that sort of stuff.

    Any other ideas? I'd like it to be some sort of game with a rank structure where people can become more popular some how. Please help!

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    Any other ideas please???

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